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Learning About Your Email Campaign Unsubscribe Rate

  Creating and implementing a successful email marketing campaign can take a great deal of time, trial…

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contact management

What is Email List Segmentation

  Email segmentation is the process of sorting the contacts on your email list into different groups…

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Tips to Improve Your Email Deliverability Rate

Email marketing is one of the things that marketers find challenging. From copywriting to list building to…

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Result analysis

Moving an email campaign past the average open rate

  According to studies, the average open rate for email marketing in 2019 was 17.8%. You may…

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The Best Time to Send an Email

Email is one of the fastest and most suitable ways of communication. With an email, the security…

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How to Make a Successful Invitation Email

Sending an invitation by email to your customers or prospects should not be underestimated. Whether you’re inviting…

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Content writing

Email Marketing : 16 Tricks for Writing a Subject Line to Convert

Coming up with a subject line that works is not always an easy task. However, there are…