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The Best Time to Send an Email

knowing the best time to send a marketing email is critical

Email is one of the fastest and most suitable ways of communication. With an email, the security of information being relayed is assured. Although many people use emails for both personal and business contacts, most people tend to misuse them. Emails can be ineffective if you send out the context at the wrong time. Therefore, one of the vital factors to consider when sending an email is time, especially if you are sending it to a recipient in a different time zone. It would help if you had in mind the subject of the email to be sent to avoid sending irrelevant information. Here are some popular types of emails and the best times to send them.


Invitation emails

Invitation emails are sent to people notifying them of an event they are supposed to attend. They can either be casual or formal. However, they are mainly used in a formal set up by businesses to invite stakeholders to conferences, meetings, or even receptions. When writing an invitation email, you should pay attention to essential details.

One of the most critical details is passing the invite to the recipient. The best way to ensure this is by inviting the recipient right from the subject line. This makes it easier for them to get the message even when they don’t have time to go through all of it. Another factor is writing relevant information about the invite. Ensure you mention the exact date, the venue, and the time of the event. You can personalize the message to specific recipients. Personalized invites are essential if the recipient is expected to make a presentation.


What time is best to send an invitation email?

There is no specific time to send invitation emails. However, if the invite is on short notice, you need to send it at a time when the recipient is likely to read it.

Most people read their emails in the evening to create schedules for the next day. Therefore, it is essential to send in your invitation email at this time so that they can have it in their program. If the recipients have a tight schedule, you should send the email several days before to give them enough time to respond and plan to attend.


Marketing emails

Business corporations usually send marketing emails to existing and potential clientele. The main aim is to draw attention to a product or service offered by the organization. Therefore, a lot of creativity is required when writing marketing emails for effective results.

When writing a marketing email, you should ensure it is of a moderate length and contains all the necessary information about a product. Important information about the product should be in the first lines of the email. This makes it easier for the email recipient to know about the product when they don’t have time to read the whole email.


When is the best time to send a marketing email?

Although the goal of marketing emails is to promote a product, the ideal time to send them varies depending on the kind of product in question.

If the product targets other businesses and organizations, you should send the email during working hours of the recipient organization. Sending an email during working hours makes it authentic and guarantees a timely response from the recipient.

If the product targets an individual, the ideal time to send it is in the evening or on weekends and holidays when they are not busy. It is easier to capture an individual’s attention to a product when they do not have other things occupying their minds.

Therefore, for an online marketer to increase opens, clicks, and sales, it has to begin with understanding the buyer’s persona to figure out what time is best to send email marketing to customers.


Email campaigns

Email campaigns come in different forms and purposes. Emails form a significant channel through which individuals and organizations can run campaigns. There are prime factors to consider if you want to achieve a successful email campaign. One of the most critical pieces of information you should have is the goal of the campaign.

The purpose of the campaign determines the structure of your email. However, you should ensure you outline the goal of your campaign within the first lines of the email. Most recipients might not have time to read the whole email. Therefore, you should come up with a captivating subject line that outlines the purpose of the email and the campaign you want to promote.


What is the best time to send an email campaign?

The ideal time to send an email campaign varies depending on the recipient. If the campaign targets individuals, the best time to send it is in the evening or on weekends and holidays when people are free. Sending email campaigns to individuals when they are free guarantees their attention and responses if needed.

Email campaigns that target companies and other organizations should be sent during working hours. Sending an email during this time allows the concerned persons to address the subject matter.

Knowing when is the best time to send an email guarantees you not only a timely reply but also portrays professionalism. Knowing the target audience also ensures effective communication via email, in that, it helps you to know which words to use to pass the message across effectively.


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