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How Do You Create an Email Marketing Campaign in 6 Steps ? The Complete Guide to Creating an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing and, above all, being successful at it is not something to be taken lightly. Although it may seem like a very simple task (sending an email), in all reality it requires mastering a few marketing techniques and reflecting upon the pertinence of the email-marketing strategy.

 How do you create an email-marketing campaign?

In this tutorial, discover the 6 steps for preparing, designing and especially being successful with your first email marketing campaign.

  1. Define a goal
  2. Define your target
  3. Create the subject line
  4. Write your HTML message
  5. Send the mailing campaign
  6. Analyse the results


1. Define a goal

This is the step that will define the rest of your email-marketing strategy. Begin by accurately defining the goal you want to accomplish. Why do you want to do an email-marketing campaign?

There are all sorts of goals:

  • To inform with a newsletter
  • To present a new product
  • To make an important announcement
  • To launch a promotional offer
  • To compile a quality database
  • To do some prospecting
  • Etc.

 How you create and set up your campaign will depend on the goal you set. All of your choices in terms of targeting, design and discourse will revolve around this goal.

So, take your time when defining a precise goal and be certain that you really have a mailing need.


2. Define your target

Defining the target for your campaign is the second most crucial step. It must naturally ensue from the goal you’ve first established.

If your goal is to strengthen your customers’ loyalty, for example, then the choice of target will obviously revolve around your customer base.

Nonetheless, defining a target is not always that easy.

Going back to our loyalty example, you can first start finding your target by choosing only customers who have not ordered for more than 6 months but who have already spent more than €100 with you.

You have to narrow your target down as accurately as possible to create a campaign that is as pertinent as possible.

The more restricted and precise your targeting is, the more your recipients will feel engaged with your discourse and the closer you will seem to them. There’s nothing more effective than a personalized emailing that’s adapted to the recipients.


3. Create the subject line

The subject line of an emailing is likely the most important element to ensuring success. It’s quite simple. If you don’t give them a reason to open it, your campaign will in the end only have been a waste of time… and money.

This is why you must take your time and find an email subject line that will get a great open rate.

Too often people take the subject line too lightly and choose one at the last minute. However, the subject line is exactly what will get recipients to open it; it’s the gateway to your message.

So, it’s best not to wait until the last minute to think about the subject line for your campaign but rather dedicate several hours to it so you have plenty of time to reflect.

Just how do you come up with an emailing subject line?

There’s no one ideal method, but we recommend the following techniques:

  • Don’t work alone; two creative minds are better than one
  • Write down all the ideas that come into your head on paper, even the most eccentric ones
  • Find at least 20 subject line ideas that have nothing to do with each other
  • Then start eliminating and deleting those that seem out of context
  • Ask your colleagues for their opinions
  • Save at least two and do an A/B test as it’s the best way to find out which one works the best


4. Write an HTML marketing email

In order to write an attractive HTML marketing email, it needs to be done in HTML/CSS code. If this seems complicated to you, no worries: you don’t need any technical knowledge to create a lovely response message. You just need the right tool.

HTML/CSS code simply refers to the programming language hidden behind an email or website. This code can be written A to Z by a web designer using special software like Dreamweaver, for example.

However, there are email marketing tools available so you can simply click and drag to create an email without ever touching any code.

These types of builders are fun, easy-to-use and allow you to create marketing emails and newsletters that are suitable for mobile devices in just a few minutes by moving content blocks or whatever you wish.


Creating an email 1


Moreover, most email marketing solutions feature galleries of customizable email templates sorted by categories.

These sources of inspiration are quite useful to any marketer who hasn’t really got much time to create an entire message themselves or those who don’t really have a web designer spirit.

Not to mention the fact that the templates suggested in these email marketing solutions are completely customizable and can adapt to any type of business. So, don’t think twice about browsing the galleries of HTML marketing email models available with your solution.


5. Send the marketing email campaign

Sending a marketing email campaign is sometimes a bit stressful, especially when you have to send a message based on a large recipient base.

So, don’t get messed up! Verifying one-by-one that all elements of the campaign are correct before clicking the send button is essential.

Here’s a list of items you mustn’t forget:

  • Make sure the web copy and unsubscribe link are present
  • Check that all links work
  • Test the email to see how it displays on a mobile device
  • Send tests with different messaging and webmail systems
  • Verify the total size of the campaign does not exceed 150 KB. If you really need a bigger marketing email because you want to add attachments or dense content, test it on all possible inboxes to check that it won’t go right into the SPAM
  • Remove the word “Test” from the subject line
  • Make sure there’s a pre-header before the web copy
  • Test the message response address to be sure you’ll get any responses

Once everything seems OK, get ready to send your message.

However, you must have an email marketing solution with excellent deliverability capacity.

If you’re sending email from one country to same country, it’s best to use a solution with routing infrastructure located in same territory for certification reasons that will have an impact on the success of your campaigns. International solutions won’t be recognized by all French ISPs and it will be more difficult to get them correctly delivered.


6. Analyse the results

An email marketing strategy doesn’t stop at creating and sending campaigns. It’s absolutely fundamental to analyze the statistics of these mailings in depth to better understand what works and what doesn’t.

Thus, professional email marketing solutions are capable of providing essential statistical data after each mailing and in real time.

You can generally get:

  • The open rate
  • The click rate
  • The response rate
  • The unsubscribe rate
  • The bounce rate
  • The complaint rate
  • The number of clicks per link
  • The devices used for reading
  • The recipients’ messaging services
  • The OS used for reading
  • The recipients’ geolocations
  • The exact reading time per contact (only with Mailify)


Creating an email 2


To find out more about all these data, you can read our articles “The 6 Major Basic email marketing Statistics” and “The 6 Advanced Statistics You Must Know in E-Marketing”.

These data are extremely pertinent and important for understanding why a campaign works or not. If you see a considerable drop in the open rate for your newsletter even though your recipient base hasn’t changed, for example, it may be because your subject line wasn’t very attention-grabbing.

Another example: if your open rate is excellent but your click rate is rather low, it may be due to a not-so-ideal position for your action button.

The many other data provided by your email marketing solution will also allow you to improve your strategy in many ways and will warn you of any mistakes.

Finally, email marketing is not always easy, but it’s also not all that complicated! Although this work requires a bit of concentration and an ounce of creativity, you don’t need all sorts of technical knowledge to create, send and analyse an email marketing campaign. Getting your hands on a complete and easy-to-use solution is more than essential to being able to master your email marketing strategy from A to Z.

Mailify is a professional solution that allows you to very easily engage in email marketing in just a few minutes and without any technical prerequisites.

Create an email campaign

How to Make a Successful Invitation Email


Sending an invitation by email to your customers or prospects should not be underestimated. Whether you’re inviting them to a conference, an annual meeting or a reception, your email must reflect the event and above all invite the recipients.


What makes an invitation successful ?

Invite them from the subject line

The subject line should mention the event and make it clear the recipient is invited so the recipient be in the know as soon as they receive your campaign.

Example :

[Invitation] « My company » invites you to attend our end-of-year party

« My company » invites you on “date” on our Product launching

Come and join us on “date” for our award banquet


Personalize the message

You are inviting a person, so the invitation must be personalized using the recipient’s first or last name. Careful with mistakes and typos! The message should not appear as a mass email but as a nice, customized invitation so each recipient feels unique.


Inform effectively

The email should contain key info :

– The date

– The city and exact address

– The start time

– The program: reveal whether the event will be followed or preceded by a cocktail or a breakfast

Don’t forget to present the event, the program and the venue so that the recipients know if they can join your event and if it meets their expectations.

In case there are limited seats available, it is also important to specify it so that your recipients react in time.


Confirm your attendance

Whether by a landing page or a reply email, the recipient must be in a position to confirm their presence.

Don’t use a “noreply” or “donotreply” email address that does not support incoming emails. Like in any communications, it’s key to use an existing email address.

If you use a link, it must be visible and operational, leading the recipient to a confirmation page.


Keep in touch

Don’t forget to include your contact details so the guest can get in touch with you quickly by email or phone.

You can also sign the invitation with the name of an employee, for example from the sales department.


Examples of elegant and effective invitational emails

If you are in need of inspiration, Mailify offers you some templates and examples of invitational emailing created by professionals and ready to use.
Here are some examples of invitation emails :

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Free & customizable

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Free & customizable

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Free & customizable

You can use these templates, modify them and customize them as you wish.
Do not hesitate to have a look at all the 70 emailing templates proposed by Mailify.

Create an email campaign

7 Stunning Examples of Free, 2019 Newsletters

Email marketing is the exclusive domain of marketers. And by definition, a marketer is someone creative, an inventor, a handyman capable of making the most of any possible tools to bring lead, convey an image or raise the profile of their brand.

However, not all marketers have an artistic flair or inspiration to shape their thousand ideas. And it’s often up to the art director or web designers to take care of the “creative” part.

Still, we don’t always have a graphic designer or an art director close at hand, and they are often overwhelmed by work and don’t always have the time to create a newsletter.

You’re the one, non-inspired marketers, overworked multi-taskers and lonely self-contractors, to whom we offer a beautiful list of 7 free, professional, ready-to-use newsletters.

It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best !


1. Breathe, the uncluttered newsletter template


Template newsletter en


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 800+ downloads


This template is perfect to create a newsletter that is pleasant to read, well-spaced and streamlined.

Fans of large spaces and minimal design will be delighted to design their own newsletter based on this template.

This model is perfectly suitable for service companies, artists or design agencies.

Showcase your creations by downloading this 100% free template !


2. TravelAndMe, the template for bloggers


Template newsletter en 1


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 800+ downloads


Are you a blogger? A photographer? Do you like to share your experience with your audience and talk about your trips, your discoveries?

Then, this template is the one you need. As it is both simple and elegant, it allows you to highlight your best shots and do storytelling.

This template also comes with a menu bar to push visitors to browse your website, and a series of call to action buttons.

In short, a perfect template to generate traffic and brand image.


3. VR Spring, the perfect example for a newsletter


Template newsletter en 2


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 800+ downloads


This newsletter template is almost perfect in every aspect.

Structure, design, ergonomics… If there were a certain “type” of newsletter template, it would fit the role perfectly.

Customize it with your colors and pictures, highlight your products easily and make your readers want to click your links to go to your shop or site.

You were looking for excellence? There it is !


4. Decohouse, the B2B newsletter template


Template newsletter en 3


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 800+ downloads


Finally an example of a B2B newsletter!

Speak to your potential customers in an elegant and professional way with subtlety and accuracy.

A perfect template to present your company and services, and to gain a beautiful brand image that inspires confidence and reflects modernity.

So, ready to finally stand out ?


5. I Love Cooking, the template with a local touch


Template newsletter en 4


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 800+ downloads


Although it’s considered ideal for a restaurant or a food-truck, this newsletter template can be adjusted for any type of “local” business, whether it is sedentary or more nomadic.

It comes with a Google Maps to help your contacts locate your business and with links to social media to help you bring a community around your brand.

Use this great template and gain notoriety !


6. Message, the multi-function newsletter template


Template newsletter en 5

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 800+ downloads


Use this template divided into several parts to send any types of messages to your contacts: birthday email, welcome message, warning, information email…

Consider that this model is an all-in-one. All you have to do is delete the blocks you don’t need and keep these that you find useful.

In short, Message is the perfect template to standardize your automatic or information emails.


7. Zarc, the most elegant newsletter example


Template newsletter en 6


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6 800+ downloads


There are many qualifiers to describe this very elegant newsletter template : architecture, artistic expression, symmetry, balance…

This model, in tune with the present time and designed for professionals who feel concerned about their image, will make you stand out.

In addition to being awesome, this template also goes straight to the point thanks to its smart ergonomics and layout.

Another good example of a newsletter proving that email marketing is far from being an ancient relic in the communication world !