How to Make a Successful Invitation Email


Sending an invitation by email to your customers or prospects should not be underestimated. Whether you’re inviting them to a conference, an annual meeting or a reception, your email must reflect the event and above all invite the recipients.


What makes an invitation successful ?

Invite them from the subject line

The subject line should mention the event and make it clear the recipient is invited so the recipient be in the know as soon as they receive your campaign.

Example :

[Invitation] « My company » invites you to attend our end-of-year party

« My company » invites you on “date” on our Product launching

Come and join us on “date” for our award banquet


Personalize the message

You are inviting a person, so the invitation must be personalized using the recipient’s first or last name. Careful with mistakes and typos! The message should not appear as a mass email but as a nice, customized invitation so each recipient feels unique.


Inform effectively

The email should contain key info :

– The date

– The city and exact address

– The start time

– The program: reveal whether the event will be followed or preceded by a cocktail or a breakfast

Don’t forget to present the event, the program and the venue so that the recipients know if they can join your event and if it meets their expectations.

In case there are limited seats available, it is also important to specify it so that your recipients react in time.


Confirm your attendance

Whether by a landing page or a reply email, the recipient must be in a position to confirm their presence.

Don’t use a “noreply” or “donotreply” email address that does not support incoming emails. Like in any communications, it’s key to use an existing email address.

If you use a link, it must be visible and operational, leading the recipient to a confirmation page.


Keep in touch

Don’t forget to include your contact details so the guest can get in touch with you quickly by email or phone.

You can also sign the invitation with the name of an employee, for example from the sales department.


Examples of elegant and effective invitational emails

If you are in need of inspiration, Mailify offers you some templates and examples of invitational emailing created by professionals and ready to use.
Here are some examples of invitation emails :

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Free & customizable

You can use these templates, modify them and customize them as you wish.
Do not hesitate to have a look at all the 70 emailing templates proposed by Mailify.

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