6 examples of « Birthday » emails to build customer loyalty

The “Birthday” email is a common practice for e-commerce sites, yet it is rarely used by stores. This email allows you to stay in contact with your customer, to show gratitude following their last order and to push them to make new orders. It appears as an opportunity for dialogue between the company and the recipient.

It is key to prepare this email carefully based on the sector and the target audience to make a first contact with the recipient.


 Create a successful birthday email

Simply put, this real-time communication is intended to cause the target customer to purchase one or more products. This can be presented in different forms and offers:

  • Discount to be used on the e-shop
  • Free shipping
  • Birthday gift
  • Additional reward credits with the loyalty card on next purchase
  • Or just say Happy Birthday


Apart from the content and the offer, it is essential to choose carefully :

  •  The subject
  • The dispatch time
  • The customization : first name, last name, but also the preferred item. Use the info you have about your contacts to customize your email the most efficient way possible.


With a marketing automation software, you can create stylish birthday messages, customize them and automate their sending. 


Below are 6 examples of « Client Birthday » type emails

Discount codes :


examples of « Birthday » emails 1


examples of « Birthday » emails 2

Free shipping :


examples of « Birthday » emails 3


examples of « Birthday » emails 4


Reward credits offered :


examples of « Birthday » emails 5


Or « Just » happy birthday :


examples of « Birthday » emails 6


A simple and effective sales approach your customers will love. From now on, don’t forget to collect birthday dates.

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